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Q&A with the Experts

Q&A with the Experts is a series of interviews with PhD scientists for whom communication plays an outsized role in their jobs.

Examples include funders of vision research, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and those working in non-profits, media, law, etc.

Chander, Preethi   

Preethi Chander, PhD
Health Science Program Specialist
National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, NIH

Categories: science administration, grant management

Nuzzo, Regina  

Regina Nuzzo, PhD
Freelance Writer and Professor
Gallaudet University

Categories: science writing; academia

Luna, Rafael E  

Rafael E. Luna, PhD
Instructor, Harvard Medical School and 
Founder of Luna Scientific Storytelling, LLC  

Categories: academia; entrepreneur

Hokanson, Sarah  

Sarah Chobot Hokanson, PhD
Director, Office of Professional Development and Postdoctoral Affairs
Boston University

Categories: university administration, science policy

Hunt, Geoff  

Geoffrey Hunt, PhD
Public Outreach Coordinator
American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

Categories: non-profit; science communications


Kelsey Duggan, PhD, MBA
Director of Client Services
InVivoLink, LLC

Categories: entrepreneur; startup company

Brian Hofland, RPB  

Brian Hofland, PhD
Research to Prevent Blindness

Categories: grant writing; funding


Diane Bovenkamp, PhD
Scientific Program Officer
BrightFocus Foundation  

Categories: grants management; non-profit


Matt McMahon, PhD
Director, Office of Translational Research
National Eye Institute, NIH

Categories: science policy; government